The main task of the rainwater system is to carry the water from your house roof and in such a way to prevent your house’s façade and foundation from destruction.

Giza rainwater systems designed in Poland are efficient to achieve the goal of draining the rain and melting water from the roofs of any types of buildings.

Your roof will never betray you. We guarantee our product quality.



    Giza gutter is provided with a special drip edge which prevents the water from running down on the outer side of the gutter.


    The mark «Please insert here» and special stoppers on all the joining elements of the gutter allow properly joining the elements.


    The gutter bracket is provided with a sliding hole which allows inclining a gutter towards a running outlet.


    Due to the hole in the gutter brackets it is possible to decorate your house façade with flowerpots or other elements as well as to hang rope lights or garlands if necessary.


    The downpipe connector and the downpipe bend are provided with holes in form of arrows. The arrow indicates the water flow direction, and the hole allows controlling the right insert of the downpipe into the joining element.


    Easy to choose a drain– one size, 4 main colors.

FLOW CAPACITY given that the rainfall intensity is 75 mm per hour it is

  • not more than 120m2
  • not more than 180m2
  • not more than 240m2

You can calculate yourself your effective roof area. Please use the following formula:

Features GIZA is a PVH rainwater system with a semicircular cross-section.

  • Operation of the system in the temperature range t° from - 40° C to + 60° C
  • Resistance to UV-radiation
  • High impact resistance at low temperature
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • The gutter width is 120 mm
  • The downpipe diameter is 85 mm
  • The length of the downpipe and gutters is 3 m
  • U-PVC


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